Paul Corn’s Essential Popcorn Gear

This is a list of our preferred Popcorn Gear. You only need 1 item from each section, but not all items can be used together!
Send us a note if you are questioning your selections and we can walk you through it.


Picking your popping method is the first step in determining your popping essentials. I like to rank them in order of easiest cleanup:
Easiest…. Hotpop Silicone Bowl, Presto Hot Air Popper, Stir Crazy, Whirly Pop … Hardest


Next you want to pick what you pop. I prefer the Jumbo Pop in the Presto Hot Air Popper and Amish Country, Heirloom, or Orville Redenbacher’s in the other poppers

Buttery Flavor

This is the key in getting that movie theater flavor. The Dutchman’s should be used with the Stir Crazy and the Whirly Pop.
Use the Kernel Seasons with the Hotpop and, only after popping, with the Hot Air Popper.


Flavacol is an amazing ingredient. It’s basically a very salty salt and you should use it sparingly.
The Morton’s salt is a good “regular” salt alternative, if you’re not ready for the intense Flavacol. It’s finely ground which helps it stick to your kernels.


This spray pump is great when used with the Kernel Season’s Movie Theater Butter Oil.
The shaker is great for sprinkling Flavacol onto popped corn.